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The Board

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Barbara Zahm


Co-Chair - Treasurer  Scientist/Educator

Barbara is an anthropologist and an award-winning documentary film and video producer/director for public television and educational distribution. She was the Director of Product Development in NSF funded research-based STEM curricula programs for kindergarten through college students and teachers.

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Don Kelly


Board Member


Ann "Adjie" Henderson

 MA, MS, PhD

 Co-chair - Scientist/Educator

Adjie was Associate Dean of Research, Planning, and Facilities at Hunter College and Dean of Graduate Sciences at CUNY Graduate Center. She has published over two hundred reports on diverse research topics, from molecular genetics to setting standards for environmental controls.


Amelia Zaino



Amelia is an environmental educator with a specialty in geospatial sciences and has taught at the City University of New York, Wave Hill, NYCH2O, and the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum.  She is currently Educational Coordinator for the Bronx River Alliance.

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Patrick Gannon


Scientist/Educator- Secretary

Patrick is a biological anthropologist and has held a variety of academic positions at both medical and scientific institutions. He has conducted translational research as director and co-director of laboratories at Mount Sinai and published seventy-eight research articles.

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Eleanor Rae

Founding Member/ Member Emeritus

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Daniel "Scotty" Murdock


Scotty has served as an Assistant U. S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York and later as the Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney.  He then became a partner in a law firm and developed a national reputation as lead defense counsel in many highly complex corporate and governmental lawsuits across the country.

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John Rappaport


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Violet Smith

Founding Member/ Member Emeritus

Violet has been a long-term Board member of the Hutchinson River Restoration Project (HRRP), and has made numerous important contributions to our mission to improve the ecological wellbeing of the Hutchinson River.


Melissa Sotelo-Wright

STAFF-Project Coordinator


Melissa has a background in Biology from the University of Arizona, years of experience in the medical field, customer service, and law. She is excited to be working in conservation and has many exciting events in the works for HRRP volunteers!

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Toby Leiderman

Founding Member

Toby is an artist who is also a peace and environmental activist and advocate for human, women's, civil, and disability rights. She was a co-founder of the Hutchinson River Restoration Project.

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