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Hutch History


Prior to European settlement, the Hutchinson River flowed through the lands of the Lenape people.

They called the river Aqueanouncke, which could translate to “Red Cedar Tree”.

In 1654, Thomas Pell established ownership for much of the land surrounding the Hutchinson River. His family later went on to establish the Manor of Pelham, and sold other parcels of land to settlers of Eastchester and New Rochelle.

The river was historically known as Eastchester Creek, but has been called the Hutchinson River in more recent years. It is named for Anne Hutchinson, a courageous religious leader who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Geography and Ecology

The Hutchinson River begins in Scarsdale and flows south into Eastchester Bay, which is part of the Long Island Sound.

It passes New Rochelle, Eastchester, Mount Vernon, Pelham, and the Bronx including Co-Op City and Pelham Bay Park.

It flows past the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary in Pelham Bay Park, which is New York City’s second largest salt marsh preserve after Jamaica Bay.

Some creatures that call the river home include great blue herons, egrets, double crested cormorants, alewife, striped bass, and more.

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