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Some more good news!

Riverkeeper is a non-profit environmental organization known for being instrumental in efforts to restore the Hudson River. They have just won a Consent Agreement, based on a lawsuit that was filed with the Southern District of New York, from Pascap, Inc., a scrap metal reprocessing company that borders the Hutchinson River. This company has been polluting the river with stormwater run-off and chemicals for years. “WHEREAS, Defendant allegedly discharges polluted stormwater runoff from the Facility into the waters of the United States, primarily directly to the Hutchinson River, a navigable water of the United States. Pascap, Inc. is now required to implement new and strong Control Measures and Best Practices to mitigate the pollution problems. They will pay our group, the Hutchinson River Restoration Project, $25,000 as part of an Environmental Benefit Payment to support our work in cleaning up the Hutchinson River. Here are some of the Control Measures and Best Practices they will now need to implement:

  • To the greatest extent feasible, Defendant is either covering or storing indoors all mill ready copper. All copper wire stripping will be conducted indoors.

  • Label all petroleum storage tanks and waste oil tanks.

  • Register the Facility as an e-waste facility, which includes a requirement to keep e-waste indoors.

  • Implemented the following enhancements to training procedures for Facility personnel:

  1. Prevention and clean-up of turnings and other lightweight materials from bulkheads at the Facility.

  2. Prevention and clean-up of offsite discharges of foam waste from the West Parcel, particularly near the entrance.

  3. Prevention and clean-up of metal materials, discarded booms, and trash that accumulates along the bulkhead in the West Parcel.

  4. Implement a rain gauge.

  5. Move the logger on the West Parcel further from the bulkhead.

  6. And much more

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